Social Projects Global Management

N’SEEBA INKLUSION provides Major Companies with a global management service for all their social projects. When Major companies assign their social projects to N’SEEBA, which acts as a subcontractor, they can focus on their core business.

N’SEEBA INKLUSION’s mission is to maximize the impact of your social project by optimizing and controlling estimated budgets. The objective is to make sure that Major Companies’ social projects leave a lasting footprint in the development of the DRC.

1/ Study and design of your social projects from A to Z.

  • Realization in full conformity with the relevant Congolese legislation.
  • Compliance with international guidelines for sustainable development.
  • Global concept, feasibility studies, architecture, technologies, budget planning.

2/ Project implementation.

  • Administrative follow-up with the authorities responsible for social actions.
  • Monitoring of construction sites and technical equipment.
  • Full coverage of employees and workers.
  • Small cash management: salaries, local purchases, etc.
  • Control over the global budget and respect of the timing.
  • Continued training school for the target group.
  • Legal protection in case of disputes with the target group.
  • Media WEB 2.0. social actions.
  • Reporting and Monthly Statistics

NB. N’SEEBA can also recover running projects and offer its expertise for the redevelopment of the overall project.

Particular attention is focused on two axes, often neglected:
  1. Knowledge of the cultural context of the target group
    Too many projects are rejected by beneficiaries for lack of foresight in local customs.
  2. Training Education Service.
    Regular skills refreshment for employees, workers and members of the target group.